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Caroline's Story

Caroline's smile and personality radiate warmth and creative energy. She usually has several projects going at once: painting, jewelry-making, sculpting, you name it. She'll tell you her art projects help her stay mellow and carefree, but we've seen Caroline use these talents to express not only her creativity, but to show compassion and benefit people less fortunate than herself.

After months of struggling to make ends meet, Caroline once again found herself living in her car. She faced multiple challenges to maintaining employment and paying her rent. She was stuck, and she had no one to turn to for help.

Caroline contacted Support Solutions through Facebook after learning about our job prep program, You're Hired. An intelligent, hard-working young woman, it was easy to work with Caroline to plan a career that would be a good fit for her strengths and skills. She had experience working in the retail field, but as a creative person she felt she was not able to thrive in a confined working environment. She envisioned herself working somewhere that featured her interests and honored her values, and she was ready for a challenge!

First Day at Work - C.PNG
"Support Solutions was flexible and helped me stay vigilant in searching the right job for me."

Six weeks after entering our program, Caroline secured a sales position for a company she believes in. With support from our program and her own dedication, she developed the skills and confidence she needed. The self-esteem and skills she gained empowered her not only to secure a fantastic job, but to move back into housing, pursue her education, and position herself to give back to her community.

Caroline credits spiritual development and self-care for allowing her to stay motivated despite her personal struggles. Today she chooses to invest her time by volunteering with several organizations, Support Solutions among them. She is pictured here redecorating our office to create an warm, artsy, welcoming environment for those who follow in her footsteps. In the future she plans to complete a psychology degree and work with people suffering from mental illness. Caroline, you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for giving us a chance to get to know you.


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