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You're Hired! is a program specifically designed to help homeless people prepare for, find, and keep jobs.

You're Hired!

We provide one-on-one support to job seekers until they find employment. We are here to help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and a job that matches your skill set.

Services We Provide

•   Strategic Planning – Develop a strategic plan to gain employment by assessing personal strengths and weaknesses. Work together to identify and address barriers to employment.

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•   Resume Writing – Provide one-on-one support to help participants write their own resumes and teach them to use resumes as tools to market their skills to employers.

•   Interview Practice – Interview workshop with human resources consultant, which includes mock interview practice and a personalized plan to continue practicing interview skills.

•   Work Ethic Coaching – Exemplify good work ethic and social skills to participants and encourage them to emulate through coaching and positive reinforcement.

•   Computer Literacy – Provide computer literacy coaching for participants on a weekly basis to allow them to practice typing, keyboard commands, data entry, and use of electronic mail and computer software.


•   Job Search Support – Provide job search support, teach best practices for online job search, encourage participants to seek employment through a variety of techniques.


•   Job Training – Facilitate job training opportunities as part of participants’ strategic plan to increase wages and marketability.


•   Employment Retention – Meet with participants who have gained employment identify potential problems at work, ensure stability, and continue to support participants after they rejoin the workforce.

A diverse program helping the unhoused individuals in our  community
Homeless Employment
"My resume is my pride."
- David, Employed Graduate

•   Job Placement – Contact local businesses, recruiters, and other organizations for job opportunities on behalf of participants.


•   Financial Literacy – Financial workshops on personal budgeting, credit repair, debt repayment plans, child support, and other finance-related problems.

Eligibility Requirements

•   Must have identification (We can help!)

•   Must be homeless in our service area

•   Be thirty days clean and sober

•   Be able to work independently

•   Be willing to work full-time

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