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Support Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving our homeless neighbors throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Our Story

First imagined in 2016, Support Solutions began as a desire to effect real change in the lives of people experiencing homelessness in our community. Teams of volunteers began outreaching homeless neighbors with hygiene kits, hots meals, and other provisions to provide for basic needs. We quickly learned that while it is rewarding to provide for basic physical needs, it was not enough to get people off the street.

As we built up our resources and our volunteer base, we consistently challenged ourselves to find solutions to the problems faced by people who do not have a home. Our organization built partnerships with other groups geared toward getting people connected to services. In our first year we found ourselves involved in running mobile showers, navigating people to the DMV and local service providers, and operating a call center/referral service. One summer we even ran an drop-in day shelter where folks could step out of the heat for a meal, activities, a place to rest, and access services through our mobile office.

In November of 2016 our team started a job prep program known as You're Hired! This program has seen many changes over the years, but the goal remains the same: to help homeless people prepare for, find, and retain employment. Dozens of our homeless neighbors have used this program to get jobs, move back into housing, and achieve self-sufficiency. 

A year and a half after its founding, Support Solutions secured a grant from the City of Covina and opened the doors of The Resource Center (commonly referred to as "TRC") just outside of downtown Covina. We use this facility as a launching pad for You're Hired! and have plans to bring additional services and resources to the community.


Support Solutions seeks to lead the community in our fight to end homelessness, but we do not stand alone. Every year over 100 people volunteer their time with us, including several former participants. A multitude of generous organizations and individuals support our work financially and with in-kind donations. We have built strong partnerships which provide us with referrals, support, and a powerful mirror of resources. We have renewed our city agreement to help homeless people find jobs, we consistently challenge ourselves to implement solutions to homelessness, and we have shown the community that our homeless neighbors have Faces, Names, and a Voice.

Timeline of Events
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