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Donald's Story


Donald has the kind of laugh you won't forget, and a sense of humor to match. He's the kind of guy who can turn your whole day around with one joke. He enjoys working out, comic books, and watching sci-fi and old westerns. He loves spending time with his son and daughter and proudly updates us with their accomplishments. When he's not jamming out to rock 'n' roll music on his headphones, you might find him giving a ride to help a friend or carrying groceries for someone who needs the help.

After years of working hard to get ahead, Donald lost his job and could not afford to pay his rent. His living situation became unstable, and within a short period he found himself homeless. As the challenges of life on the street built up, it seemed impossible that he would ever get back to work.

Six months ago Donald came to Support Solutions with a shopping cart, a somber look, and little to say. His spirit had been tested by life on the street, but his resolve was firm. From day one he showed up early and popped his head in to let us know he was ready whenever we were, which became a routine as the weeks went on. "I'm going to keep going until I finish the race," he said. His determination inspired us to support him with resources he needed to succeed. With a bus pass to make it to appointments, prescription glasses to see the world, and daily showers to stay fresh, Donald felt that his dreams were becoming a reality. In his own words: "I'm starting to feel civilized again."

But it didn't end there! This month Donald completed training and began working at a local thrift store. He is pictured here celebrating this step toward self-sufficiency with program staff. His hard work, matched by our support, has earned him a chance to regain employment and become a productive member of society once again. We are reaching out to our supporters with a big "Thank You!" in celebration of Donald's success. The race is not over yet, but with your help we are confident that his determination will pay off.

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