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Eva's Story

Eva became a single mother after a relationship in her life broke down. She had no support system to reach out to, had never experienced anything like this, and had no idea how to navigate the homeless service system. She was living in her car, worried about how she would feed her son and get him to school, with depression setting in and no hope in sight.


We helped Eva take the first steps toward housing, navigating the complicated social services department to find emergency shelter via motel vouchers for her and her son. 



Next, we got to work on employment. Eva hadn't worked in years, so she needed to update some work skills and learn to market herself. We helped her get her food handler's certificate and write a resume that highlighted her skills in the fields that interested her.


After a few weeks she was hired to serve food at a local establishment, allowing her to save money to move into her own place. The emergency motel vouchers were beginning to run out, so it was imperative that she quickly find a place she could afford. 


In April Eva moved into her brand new home, a back house close to her work and her son's school that she can afford with her own income. Here she is pictured above bringing flowers to thank our very own Rebecca Gonzalez. We'd like to extend that thanks to you, our friends and supporters, for allowing us to give her the support she needed, including those little extras like snacks for the road or gas card to make it to her first interview. We couldn't have done it without you.   

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