Head Start Home provides rental assistance for people to get off the street, build their income, and ultimately sustain their own housing.

Head Start Home


Head Start Home is a rental assistance program for people experiencing homelessness in Covina. The program provides up to five months of funding and case management support. This boost into housing allows the people we serve to build up their income and engage in our budgeting workshop so that they can eventually afford to pay their own rent. 

Eligibility requirements and referral process is as follows:

  • Participant must be homeless in Covina.

  • Participant must be willing to engage in weekly case management meetings.

  • Participant must be willing to find suitable housing within the maximum rental allowance (with support from staff).

  • Participant must be able to contribute a portion of their income to rental payments within one month.

  • Participant must be able to afford the entire rental payment within five months.

  • Participant must not exceed income eligibility.


Participants play an active role in the program by attending weekly case management meetings, increasing and saving their income, and searching for housing. The program provides:

  • Case Management

  • Budgeting Workshop

  • Housing Navigation

  • Security deposit and up to five months’ rental assistance


Please call our main line for a phone screening. Office hours are by appointment only.

House-warming "party" for employed program graduate